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L-series – The changeover amount of 1963 to 1965.Here the range of the L-series serial used each and every year.

L-series – The changeover amount of 1963 to 1965.Here the range of the L-series serial used each and every year.

Inside the most finish of 1962 and into 1963, Fender switched to a method just where serial numbers set about with an “fifty.” As mentioned in some profile, the L had been likely to try to be a 1 to set the go over into 100,000 add the preceding scheme, but an L was used by accident.

Below the range of the L-series serial put every single year. The starting type truly sprang awake at the end of 1962 at the same time:

F Television Series – CBS Days 1965 – 1976.

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Bash CBS investment in Fender in 1965, the plant changed to another serial sequence with amounts that carried on identically common format made use of ahead of the takeover. These are generally named F program due the large Fender recognized F to the neckplates with the period. This period in addition watched a switch from orginal four-bolt neckplate associated with ’60s to a three-bolt neckplate within just a good example of cost-saving charges released under CBS.

Blog Post 1976

Beginning in 1976, Fender transitioned to another serial numbers strategy and transferred the placement of all serial number into the headstock from the means. According to the days and design, the number are available on either leading or back from the headstock.

After a short span of convergence making use of the previous system, the post-76 numbers begins with correspondence that implies the many years, followed closely by lots that implies the entire year of this years. The times document codes change in this way: S = 1970s, age = 1980s, letter = 1990s, Z = 2000s. In 2000s, you will also notice serials starting with a DZ which suggests the luxurious series, yet the type was usually identically.

For instance, a serial wide variety with N4 could be from 1994. One beginning with Z5 would be from 2005.

This program just isn’t 100percent regular thanks to many creation elements, such Fender providing most serialized stickers than required in confirmed year. However this is specifically pronounced during the transitional time period the mid-’80s, even though the program is practically on level since about 1990.

After 2009, the letter changed to a format starting with US then two digits that tell the year of the current decade.

Listed here is the break down of Post-1976 American-made Fender serials:

American-made unique collection musical instruments follow a pretty equivalent design into the over, but utilize a prefix S until the times document. Case in point, a Signature Program keyboards from 1998 could possibly have a serial starting with SN8 as well as five digits.

United states Vintage Reissue systems

The major exception to all of this is the American Vintage Reissue (AVRI) series. These has series data you start with V nor purely correlate to age. The throat dates on these instruments, but are usually trustworthy.

Manufactured in Japan Fender Serials

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Fender Japan serial data can usually be found in the back of this throat next to the neck mutual. Though variations additionally exists aided by the numbers on the headstock and the neck-plate regarding several very early reissue versions. Up to 1997, the series is paired with the language “constructed in Japan.”

In 1982, Fender enhanced businesses with a series of products stated in Japan from Fuji Gen Gakki team. Like the everyone serial rates, MIJ (constructed in Japan) serials start out with a letter or pair of emails that suggest the crude annum of generation. This system, but are very inconsistent and unfinished, making matchmaking by serial numbers even less dependable for MIJ Fenders.

Here’s a failure of serials your “manufactured in Japan” times:

Made in Japan Series Number

In 1997, Fender changed the “built in Japan” decal to convey “constructed in Japan.” Absolutely some convergence with all the prior “MIJ” serials, so it is vital that you note should your application carries the “created in Japan” or “made in Japan” decal.

Here are the serial rates for all the “Crafted in Japan” or “CIJ” days:

After 2007, Fender Japan turned on establishing Fenders as “constructed in Japan” though for a few a very long time tool with both stickers comprise produced. Serial rates because this transition have got persisted equal string while the “CIJ” years.

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Manufactured in Mexico Fender Serials

Fender started a manufacturing plant in Ensenada, Mexico in the late ’80s and devices going coming off the range in 1990. Mexican-made (MIM) Fenders hold a serial number of the headstock beginning with an M. Some conditions contain several unique versions and trademark types also the separate US/Mexican-made California collection which completely posses a “AMXN” at the outset of their serials.

The MIM serial numbers scheme is really quite simple. For North american country Fenders integrated the 1990s, the serial will start with an MN with lots that implies the year on the years. Musical instruments manufactured in the 2000s http://www.datingmentor.org/biracial-dating/ go through the same version but start out with MZ. Your 2010s, the prefix are MX1. Including, a serial numbers beginning with MN2 could be 1992.

Listed here is the serial multitude failure for a majority of MIM Fenders:


There are some conditions to all the these serial wide variety strategies. As stated above, several reissue products use serial amounts which don’t truly correlate with their years. Additionally, there was clearly enough singer framework, restricted updates also unusual products which use an exceptional serial wide variety. For example the 35th wedding show, most distinctively end Strats from earlier ’80s, in addition to numerous export-specific products which bring a serial numbers you start with FN.

Once more, the serial amount by yourself in just about any top instances is absolutely not certain as well most readily useful technique should blend that with more options for example the throat and the entire body times, and even only options that come with the specific device. When you yourself have any queries about what Fender you are facing, We encourage one to find a regional keyboards store or luthier to greatly help determine out.

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